Take My Word For It! Young Folks Discover the Joy of Writing – Oakland Magazine, January/February 2013

Oakland Magazine

Oakland Magazine highlights “Take My Word For It!”‘s goal to spark kids’ imaginations and bring creative writing to the classroom.

“Budding poet Megan Lin had previously been a reluctant writer who worried about spelling, according to her mom, Koko Lin. But spelling is trumped by creative expression at Take My Word For It. When Koko asked her daughter to share some writing ideas at home, the girl described a banana as ‘yellow and soft,’ adding, ‘It looks like my mom’s smile.’…

‘Every kid is brimming over  with imagination,’ says Hall. ‘We just need to take the lid off.’”

Read the full article here.

(Even read the article translated in Chinese here!)


Easy Student Publishing Interviews TMWFI Founder Sondra Hall - May 2013,

Easy Student Publishing’s blogger Kurt asks Sondra about “Take My Word For It!”‘s mission, curriculum and more! Here’s a peek:

Read the full interview here!


Secret Recipes in Edible East Bay – Summer 2012

This summer, Edible East Bay features “TMWFI!”

“Recipes can spark the imagination, but more often, we look to them when we want assurance of success in reaching some specified goal, such as, say, making a perfect soufflé.

Writing teacher Sondra Hall, on the other hand, uses recipes—or the idea of recipes—as a way to lead kids into the wide world of the imagination…”

Here’s an example:









Read the full article here!


El Carmelo Elementary in the Palo Alto Patch -Fall 2011

“In every session, the focus is not on sentence structure, but rather self-expression and sharing ideas among their peers.”

Read the full article in the Palo Alto Patch.

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