Why Not Write Wednesday?: Fighting for a Cause



Do you have a cause you’re passionate about? Maybe it’s saving the environment, or promoting equality, or protecting animal rights. Your cause can be universal or more personal (maybe it’s protecting your little brother from bullies) but nonetheless, one of the best ways to get these opinions heard is to write them out.

To do so, here are a few prompts you could follow below:


Is there something going on in the world (big or small) that you want to change? Why?

If you had a chance to change this issue, how would you do so?

What does a world where this issue is resolved look like?

Why are you upset, or impassioned by this cause?

What sort of impact do you want to have on the world?

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Why Not Write Wednesday?: Food Writing




Did you know that there is a whole genre of writing for describing and explaining food?! It’s called food writing, and it sure is sweet! If you like food and writing this style could be perfect for you. Here a few prompts to whet your whistle:

What is your favorite meal or food? Can you describe it using the 5 sense?

What’s a recipe you follow often? Can you describe yourself making the recipe, (the actions in the steps, the ingredients, etc) in detail?

AFTERWARD: Did you like writing about food? Well lucky for you there’s a TMWFI class devoted specifically to food writing. It’s called “Peanut Butter and the Pen”. Look for it under the classes tab on our website and sign on up!

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Why Not Write Wednesday?: Collage



photo 2


Sometimes, life can feel like a jumble of words and pictures with no real connection. But, from a young age, our minds learn how to connect the dots between seemingly incongruous images and texts to create meaning. The results are usually very unexpected and very unique!

So, this Why Not Write Wednesday, TMWFI wants you to make a collage! There are a couple ways you could go about this:

1) Find an old magazine that you have permission to cut up and make a story using phrases or words from its pages.

2) Use images from that magazine to make a picture collage. Once you’ve finished the collage, free write about it.

Whichever option you choose, we promise the result will be fun and unexpected!

(Above is an example from one our Spring TMWFI students, Mitch)

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Why Not Write Wednesday?: Back To School





It’s that time of year again, Back To School time. It also happens to be that day of the week: Why Not Write Wednesday! This week, let’s focus on the new school year.

What was your first day like? Can you describe it (or a moment from it) using all five of the senses?

What’s your favorite subject?

What do you do during recess or breaks? Why do you do those activities?

What’s your favorite thing about learning?

Write a note to a favorite teacher (from the past of present) explaining how they’ve influenced you and why you’re thankful to be their student!

If none of these prompts suit you, make up a character and walk the reader through their imaginary day at school!

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Why Not Write Wednesday: Character Development





One of the most important parts of writing is developing your characters. Characters are a part of every piece of writing, no matter if it’s poetry, fiction or non-fiction, and the most important thing is to make them believable. Continue reading

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Why Not Write Wednesday: Favorite Day





It’s Why Not Write Wednesday, which happens to be one of our favorite days here at “Take My Word For It!”. Do you have a favorite day? Continue reading

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Why Not Write? Wednesday: Script Writing




Do you like movies? Television shows? Plays? The minds behind some of our favorite things to watch are writers! Writing for television and film, and theater is called scriptwriting. How fun would it be to experiment and see if scriptwriting suits you?

Here are a few prompts that’ll get you started writing your scripts:

What are you writing? A Comedy? Tragedy? Love Story? Drama? New Broadcast? Kids Show?

How is the story set up? How are the characters introduced in the script?

What is the conflict in the script? How does the conflict develop?

What is your setting?

Who is the protagonist? Antagonist?

Write a scene of dialogue between  two characters. Add in their actions in parentheses. You’ll want to focus primarily on dialogue and action because that is how actors are able to convey a story in theater, TV and movies.

Once you’ve finished, grab some friends and act out your script!


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Why Not Write? Wednesday: Bronte and Gothicism

Happy Why Not Write? Wednesday and Happy Birthday to Emily Bronte!




Emily Bronte, the author of the classic Wuthering Heights, was born on this day in 1818. She, along with her sisters, were brought up in the moors of England–a spooky yet idyllic space that set the tone for many of their novels. (Another classic, Jane Eyre, was written by Emily’s sister, Charlotte.)  That eery tone is called “Gothic.”



Gothicism is a school of literature, written in a way that describes strange or frightening events that take place in mysterious places. (Other books like Frankenstein and Dracula are considered Gothic Literature, and most Tim Burton films like Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline could also be put into this category as well.)

What if you were to write a gothic? Start with a setting, be it a creepy old house, railroad tracks, a haunted Hospital, and then come up with characters and action that is taking place.  Make it a little be mysterious and have fun with it!


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Why Not Write? Wednesday: Super Moon to the Rescue!

Happy Why Not Write? Wednesday!





Have you noticed that big Super Moon lighting up the sky the last few nights? NASA says all three full moons this summer (July 12, August 10 and September 9) will be Super Moons. This means that it appears 14% larger and 30% brighter than a typical full moon because it’s orbiting closer than ever to earth. Pretty cool, huh? Why don’t we use this phenomenon for inspiration?

Write a story personifying the super moon as a superhero (or super villain) explaining the evil it is fighting against, its super powers and other details you can think of.

Here are a few prompts to start you out:

What would be the super moon’s super powers?

If the super moon could speak, what would it say?

If the super moon was a super hero, who would be the super villian? Why would they be against one another?

What would be a problem that the super moon would have to fix? Who would she/he need to save?


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Why Not Write Wednesday?…Invent a Sport!

Every Wednesday our creative writing prompt challenges you to pick up your pen and indulge your author self! 





Wednesday again…it’s time to write!

The days of summer are in full swing, friends are playing one-on-one basketball on the park courts, golfers are out with their carts and clubs, and World Cup soccer has been blaring on the TVs all around us. Beautiful weather is a good reminder of which sports and activities we love best!

But, what if you could make up your own sport to play or watch?

What would the rules be? What would it be called? Would it be played in teams or individually? What would be the object of the game? Would there be winning and losing? Would you use a ball, a puck, a frisbee, or some other object? What would you wear? How many people would play at a time? Where would you play? Indoors, outdoors or both? Is there water involved? Snow? Grass?

Write a how-to for your new sport, and maybe you could even get some friends together and try playing it! Let us know how the game/match goes for you all! Post your descriptions in the comments section of our blog.

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